Chris Rea Let It Roll Lyrics

I am the king of your darkest night
I am the prince of your fear
I will wrap your dreams into sandstorms
You'd better know this before you come near

There is no end
to what I've become now
Way past the cold sweat of losing control
I load it up
I put it down
I let it roll

I am the priest
of your bad luck
Long gone the blood has run free
Scar upon scar until the pain doesn't know
What's worth hurting inside
What is left of me

What you think
is brand new
I just threw it your way
What you think is too big
Is too small
I've forgotten much more than
You think that you'll ever know
There is no height that is too far to fall
You'd better go home lock up your soul
Or sit down and take it
Don't try to fake it
Load it up, load it down, let it roll
Let it roll, let it roll?.

Load it up, put
it down, let it roll

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