Chris Rea Let's Do It Lyrics

We can't do it for the money,
They don't do cash no more
We can't do it because we do it so well
'Ain't nobody left to keep the score
They changed the rules
Made us look like fools
Send us lies from way above
Lets do it
Hear what I say
Lets do it
'Cos we're busted anyway
Let's do it, lets do it for the love

You've still got
your left hook
I've still got my jab
They're so dumb they never see it coming
We were the best they ever had
They slapped our faces with a belt of lies
Now you know what I'm thinking of
Let's do it... hear what I say
Let's do it... 'cos we're busted any way
Let's do it? lets do it for the love

Let's do it anyway?

You take the right, I'll take the left?
Let's do it.. let's do it for the love?

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