Chris Rea Monday Morning Lyrics

Monday morning

Monday morning, see what you can do
Hit the freeway, take the grey and make it blue
My dream don't fight with daylight
It don't bleed for you
Keep your secret
'Til lucky Tuesday smiles for you
Hold on easy, don't you ever let him know
Monday morning,
When I get out
You ain't never gonna see me go
Monday morning, Monday morning

Don't make ambitions
That let Monday tie you down
Keep it simple
Keep it easy
Or for sure he'll bring you down
Stay cool, never Monday's fool,
Let him think you play the game
Leave Sunday
When the time is right
Oh and never see Monday again

Hold on easy, don't ever let him know
Monday morning, when I get out
You ain't never going to see me go
Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning,

f___ing Monday morning

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