Trident Without You English Lyrics

For the whole world you're just a living thing
But for me you're all I desire,
Entire world showed by the sunshine.
Thousand dreams cross my mind connected to you
I can't express
All that I want, what goes on in my mind.

Come from the sunlight
With ?? of all the rays
Shine bright, treat me nice
And slow singin' a lullaby
Walkin' on the clouds
And the stars are bright
That's what I see in my dreams.

Can't live without you, without you, without you
Feel me, but don't pass me by
Come close so I can give my life to you.

I will show you love at the end of the night
And maybe you're mine
Show me you love, a piece in your heart,
A piece of my soul...
We can do magic just the two of us
The world will change when the sun shines upon us
I will nicely tell you that I miss you.


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