Hungry Lucy In The Circle Lyrics

The wind will drift and spread the flame
A spark will land inside your heart
You will never be the same
As ashes tear your life apart
Tragedy can make us stronger
But cannot be undone
If you wish it, it will happen
Fates aren't sealed for everyone

It flickers in the circle
A dance of life for you
It's safer in the circle
Where visions remain true

So often people judge those
That they do not understand
The innocent are dying
At those judging hateful hands
If only we could show them
We do not wish them harm
Instead we'd like to live life
Inside each other's open arms

We sparkle in the circle
There's fire in our eyes
So much magick in the circle
We're in need of no disguise

Be with me in the circle
You're always welcome here
It's safer in the circle
But do not bring your fear
I'll meet you in the circle
Within your own good time
I'll be here in the circle
Forever with you intertwined

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