Fire in the Eyes of the City Start With the Arms Lyrics

I take it
These are humans at best
My skin won't forget
These scars hold pain
I wouldn't
Break the sound
It isn't worth the wait

I'll confess some nights my eyes don't seem to blink
Sunrise rekindle me and carry me away
The pessimist is knocking at my front door
He talks with such passion I think he's on my side
I'm perched and blind I'll never fly
Mark my words it's not for me

Turn the page
I've picked the reddest rose for you
You disappeared, came back, and handed me thorns
It starts with the arms
This could collapse

Because there's never a dull moment in the house of cards
Honey please we have guests, can't this wait until they leave?
No, they're here for you they'll hear this too
I was wrong; always wrong it's a routine we've grown
Accustomed to
I was wrong, so wrong
But maybe this knots my edge

Show me a tightly woven script
To unravel it maybe this knots my edge
I found this web
By throwing myself in it
Oh no, what have I done?
Stranger, I love how your touch feels
Stranger, than anything
Stranger, I wait when you tell me,
"Wait here" I can't sit still
Father, what have I done?

Why don't you stay here?
Why do you love to walk away?
Why don't you stay here, forever?
"Somehow I still love you"
Oh darling don't sound so sincere

But who am I to judge?
Here's my pride
Filled with sin and casting stones
I'm always expected to do the right thing
Who are you to put faith in me?
This is not my job
I had such faith in you
You looked and looked away

We'll wade in the river
I'll venture out past my knees
And as the water's rising up to my neck
You be sure to stay close to the edge
Oh, stay
Why don't you stay?
Oh just go
And I was never too proud to wait here
Wait on the banks
I'll be there soon
I'll be there soon
I'll be there
We'll wade in the river
I'll venture out past my knees
And I was never too proud to wait here

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