Slaid Cleaves Drinkin' Days Lyrics

My drinking days are over
No more nights at the Carousel
My buddies say they're gonna miss me but
Who could ever tell
I never knew what time it was
Til closing time came round
My drinking days are over
But I'm still troublebound

I used to hang at the Horseshoe
You'd see me spinning at the Broken Spoke
I'd take my gal to The Gaslight
We lived on whiskey and smoke
Don't know how it all started
Didn't mean to hurt no one
Some bad luck and what's done can't be undone

Well it was way past midnight
Anetta hollered out last call
I turned around and Wranglin' Ron
Was headed for a brawl
I didn't know that other guy was a cop
I guess I didn't care
Sometime you gotta act like you gotta pair

My drinking days are over...

I got a ride out to Huntsville
I'll be there for a while
Staring out a mesh window
Mile after mile
I don't have any regrets, well
Maybe just a few
A man's gonna do what he's gonna do

My drinking days are over...

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