Eminem, Dmx, Xzibit, Ja Rule, Eminem (DMX, Xzibit)- Bitch Please III Lyrics

feat. Xzibit, Ja Rule, Eminem, Dre

[Dre] Yeah whattup Detroit?
[Snoop] Nu-uh, nu-uh nuh-no he didn't!
Ahhh! They didn't do it again,
what-what, what-what?
Did you s___ on these n____z two times Dr. Dre?
[Dre] Oh fo' sho'!
[Snoop] Uh-uh, naw, ya smell that?
This is special right here
What-what, what-what-what?
Yeah, it's a toast to the boogie baby
Uhh, to the boogie-oogie-oogie
Yeah, y'know! What's crackin Dre?
Its my, survival instinct that keeps my head above the water
Every day I show another how I love a slaughter
Plug your daughter
Whith more holes than sponges
Attack the b____ and stop for the leach
With these, I shoot the breeze
And its thought, enough keys from the cubans to build a f___ing fort
I'm caught up in somthing that I cant control
Trying to get a hold of a bank role and stroll
Catch bodies like a cold. And stay sick
So face it, make me chase it, I take your life and erase it
Waste it, in the f___ing streets
Cuz It aint worth s___
The undertaker take your a__ under the earth
Quicker, I love money, but the scam is hot
So I s_____ up my man and hit the gambling spot
20 grand is got, one n____ shot one n____ less
What use to his chest, is a mess under his vest

Chorus: Nate Dogg (+Snoop)

And you don't really wanna f___, with me
Only n____ that I trust, is me
f___ around and make me bust, this heat
[Snoop] That's, the devil, they always wanna dance

I'm the Head n____ In Charge, I'm watchin you move
You're found dead in your garage, with ten o'clock news coverage
Gotta love it, cause I expose the facade
Your little lungs is too small to hotbox with God
All jokes aside, come bounce with us
Standin over you with a twelve gauge, about to bust
It's like ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I might leave in the bodybag, but never in cuffs
So who do you trust? They just not rugged enough
When things get rough I'm in the club shootin with Puff
b____, please - you must have a mental disease
a__ume the position and get back down on your knees - c'mon


[Ja Rule]
E-Dub, get a n____ involved, let me spit a few bars
Of murderous material, n____s venereal, diseases to me
And its startin to burn when I p___ on emcees
n____s want it with me, who I be?
The one that got you ready to run
The one with rhyme or reason to bust my gun
Whats the outcome, another n____ gettin smoked?
Another n____ found slain with a tongue out his throat
Son its no joke, I pump lead like bad dope
And leave n____s nodding out with no hope
I'ma spit various flows, and f___ various hoes
Rule, E-Dub, and Short Dog it shows
That the n____s with the money get the b____es b____es
Rolled up on dubs, deep dishes dishes
n____s don't want it with me
J-the A-the R-U-L-E

Now everytime I see you cats is rollin in packs
For the life of me I cannot see why you don't know how to act
Love to clown when you deep, but when you on that solo creep
out on the streets you don't hear a peep
n____ it's a god d___ shame, somebody explain
why they sent a Bad Boy to play a grown man's game
Tear that a__ out the frame
How long will it last, n____ don't ask, just be first to blast
Outlaw on the mash tryin to be the first to see some cash
My s___'s classic, like my n____ Nate
Go get the tape, we keep the nation anticipatin until we break
Money made me evil, court cases got me stressed
n____z aimin at my head but I still wear my vest

Chorus 2X

[Eminem - impersonating Snoop]
Eighty pound b____, d___ six inch long
Back up, in the, heezy BAY-BAY
He's Sha-day!

[Snoop] He's so cra-zay!

Hahaha! Gimme the mic, let me recite, 'til Timothy White
pickets outside the Interscope offices every night
What if he's right? I'm just a criminal, makin a living
off of the world's misery - what in the world gives me the right
to say what I like, and walk around flippin the bird
Livin the urban life, like a white kid from the 'burbs
Dreamin at night of screamin at mom, schemin to leave
Run away from home and grow to be as evil as me
I just want you all to notice me and people to see
that somewhere deep down, there's a decent human being in me
It just can't be found, so the reason you've been seeing this me
is cause this is me now, the recent dude who's being this mean
So when you see me, dressin up like a nerd on TV
or heard the CD usin the f__ word so freely
it's just me being me, here want me to tone it down?
{*LOWER pitch*} Suck my f___in d___, you f__got
You happy now? Look here

[Eminem - impersonating Snoop]
I start some trouble everywhere that I go (that I go)
Ask the bouncers in the club cause they know (cause they know)
I start some s___ they throw me out the back do' (the back do')
Come back and shoot the club up with a fo'-fo' (a fo'-fo')

Chorus 2X

2001 and forever
Slim Shady, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, X to the Z, Nate Dogg
C'mon, yeah!!

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