Keith Jolie Ottowa Lyrics

I don't quite know
where to send this card today.
It's just to say that
I'm doing fine,
just where is hard to say.

It's been so long,
since I darkened your door.
This cold world seems to be my home.
Don't know where home is anymore.

Refrain -
I tasted your lips on the cigarette we shared,
and I watched as you danced so tempting in the air,
and I dreamt of things I could not say around you.

You took a trip to Ottawa
the morning that we met.
I slept until 2 and read a book
and then I stumbled out of bed.

It's been so long
since the sun has really shone.
Lately when I turn my head
I find that it is gone.

Late at night out in the cold
on a darkened street we passed.
I shared a glance,
your glassy eyes could put me in a trance.

Tomorrow night I'll find you here,
and then I'll pray for more.
I fumble in the dark to find
the right key for that door.


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