Moistboyz The Tweaker Lyrics

Man I'm so cold - it's 98 degrees
Think I saw some human heads growin' on the trees
Get a pair of pliers - and pull out all my teeth
Never gonna need 'em if I'm never gonna eat
I'd really be excited if I thought that this would pass
Didn't have a wallet man I wouldn't have an a__
My girlfriend's on the floor - she's gurglin' from the mouth
That must be why I got these maggots crawlin' on the house

Not much of a sleeper
I am the tweaker

Now I'm pukin' up my b____ they're fuzzy little stones
at least I'm not a hippie f__got smoking little bones
when the bag runs empty - satan helps me cop
Drinkin' up the draino to get back on top
If I don't get some fuel I think I'm gonna flip
I just ate a scorpion that stung me on the lip
Sometimes I get so tired - never been a sleeper
Life is just a side-effect cause I am the tweaker

I just ate my beeper
I am the tweaker
I'm chewing on my sneaker
I am the tweaker

Born in 1984 I think I'm still alive
These spots on my face and neck look like I'm 65
Snot bubbles in nose every time I start to cough
My shriveled d___ fell on the floor while I was jerkin' off
My skin will start to burn if I turn on the lights
My dealer wants his money but I can't f___in' fight
No sense in taking out the garbage leave it one the bed
Call and leave a message 'cuz tomorrow I'll be dead

Here comes the f___in' reaper
I am the tweaker
Here comes the f___in' reaper
I am the tweaker

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