The Lawrence Arms Like A Record Player Lyrics

I'm like a record player,
I keep goin' round
With a needle in my arm,
Making someone else's sound
And lately I've been dreaming
Of blue and empty skies,
But nothing like that ever crosses
Red and weary eyes

I've been traveling with bottles,
Working close with cans,
Sitting up for hours with my
Best friends in a van
Man, they say that this ain't livin'
But I don't know what they mean
'Cause I don't feel dead and, baby,
You look alive to me
It's the only game that I know how to play

The time, the time, to say goodbye
Passed us long ago.
And I would say I've overstayed
My welcome, but you know
I don't think I'm ever going home

No, I don't need a doctor
'cause anyone can see
That I've had all of these shots
But, lord, I'm still sick as I can be
I think I need to rest my eyes
So, baby, come with me
Lay down here beside me
Keep me warm while I sleep

There's trouble on the way
Huh! You best believe
There always is, don't worry
Sit and have a drink with me
When we go all we got is these days that we made
But I don't wanna waste them being wistful or afraid

Without all of you, I'd be even lower down
You know what I want to say but I can't get it out

The time, the time, to say goodbye
Passed us long ago
And I would say we've overstayed
Our welcome but you know
I don't think we're ever going home
I don't think we're ever going home, oh no!


Warped Summer Extravaganza (Major Excellent)

it's burning and it's burning, it's burning,
a fire inside that i just don't believe
some call it anger, some say frustration
but i think i call this big greed
this time the circus has left without us
and we could run away
the fringe is the center now,
hey boys that's great

when i woke up in hawthorne,
i took ocean down to the fairground to see everyone
so beautiful that i drown in the waves of the haircuts
spin kicks and jumps
well i got my bottled water and my nachos,
it came in under twenty bucks
i got this bad taste in the back of my mouth
from my time on the back of a bus

this summer vacation, it's cheap and it's true
it's ideals are intact, it's the best we can do
this time you turn into your own enemy
not sell outs but dictated economies


these thieves, these thieves in their flip-flops and bro attitudes
are the very reason we do what we do
when i say f___ the man, it's what i believe
no matter who that man happens to be.
no matter who that man happens to be.

this kevin or that one, it all seems the same
exploit the avenues, fix all the gains
maybe they'll buy everything that you sell
but i'm outside these fences,
rolling fast down that hill...

f___ your warped ideals!
mother f___er!

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