we become ghosts crave anything Lyrics

can u feel yourself now falling
doesnt help to keep things away from me
29 years going on 16
now you know what it means when they
dedication to a certain situation
is creating balance

'cause with you, i dont crave anything
with you im alone once again
the higher i get when you put me down
the lower i get when you're not around
with you, i dont need anything

the television flickers
on a channel that believers
have locked out

the preacher claims his jesus
because like me hes realised
what the world needs is a revolution
through the eye of a needle
we cant believe people like you
build the steeples
that fears are prayed to


you're breaking me
fake so real
forcing me


more or less
the world digests
what we crave
who we slave

with you i dont crave anything
with you i dont crave anything except love

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