Fuel The Fire First Song Lyrics

i could lived for so much
made my own path in this world
i could changed i coulda made
so life turn out for so much more
turning back "turning back"
in hindsight of all ive left.
once blinded now i see
what life could have been.

but now here i am
as ive got my love embraced
my heart goes out of pace

now this life means so much more
in the error of man im accepting the fall
but things can be fixed our ways can changed
to help the kids that live in chains
i didnt turn my back on all of today
news didnt help much at all to explain
we arnt devided we are one in the same
the ones in nations still starving in pain.

now here it is again
another reason to take a chance and care
so many born yet so little care

so i write this song to simply say
i want people to not turn and walk away,
read and help the ones
the ones brought up to struggle everyday
i wrote this song to simply educate

Please Dont Walk Away
this time we educate
Please Dont Walk Away
From Our Past Mistakes

how many times does it keep me awake at the night
knowing someone out there is having troubles just tryna survive
i cant keep my mind cant keep this out of my head
knowing someone is nearly at the point of starving to death

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