For The Glory All Alone Lyrics

In this world you force the way to go
But now its time, for me to throw the first stone
You gotta be
You gotta be number one
I'll see you die,
I hear the cry you'll end up all alone
I'll see you running
I see you hidding - end up all alone
I'll see you lying
I'll see you dying - end up all alone
Watch me rise.
Watch me bleed i wont bow down to depression,opression.
I think i got so much to give and take
Fake words
Its my values at stake
I'll break free and set if off
No fame, no shame
A lion in this game
Questions asked no shame
No regret
Don't fall for nothing no thrils in life
A bad dream dream to forget
Run and hide, seek and destroy
In this living hell im out of the cell
You said I would fall
But after im still standing tall break it down

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