For The Glory Survival Of The Fittest Lyrics

Stay on track to survive
I keep my head up to stay alive
I seek the way to reach my dreams
Today is the day to set it free
You can't take my life
Dont waste my time
Cant rip my soul can't take my life
Survival of the fittest!
You keep my saying that I should join in
That i got nothing to lose
you got the power and no integrity
And thats enough for me
Dollar sign you can't try
You can't take whats mine
You can't by my soul. You can't take my pride- you cant steal my life
Cause i am real
I do what I fell
Stay away from me
This is the deal I spit on your lies
They'll fade they'll die you
Can't take my life
Don't waste my time
Can't rip my soul
Can't steal my life
Survival of the fittest!

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