18 Iris-Lady in black Lyrics

Era-ntr-o dimineata,
O alba dimineata,
A aparut, cu parul ei,
In vantul iernii, nins,
Eu n-am stiut de unde
Si c__ de m-a gasit,
In noaptea gandurilor sumbre,
In mine-a rasarit

She asked me name my foe then,
I said the need within some men,
To fight and kill their brothers,
Without thought of love or God,
And I begged her give me horses,
To trample down my enemies,
So eager was this passion
To devour this waste of life.

But she wouldn't think of battle that
Reduces men to animals,
So easy to begin
And impossible to end.

Priveste lumea cu ochi vii,
Din dragoste ai sa re-nvii,
S-a-ntors din viata si-a plecat
Lasand un gand curat

Era-ntr-o dimineata,
O alba dimineata.
A aparut, cu parul ei,
In vantul iernii, nins.

And I know not how she found me,
For in darkness I was walking
And destruction lay around me,
From a fight I could not win.

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