The Gentlemen I'm Not Leaving Lyrics

I don't know if you want me, but I'll be here anyway
I've got a smile to give you, and I'm not leaving till you smile back at me
Frown all you want to, the tears are running down your face,
But I can a__ure you, I'm not leaving till you're smiling back at me

She couldn't ask for anything greater,
I thought she cared for me how naive?!
Spoiled by my Mother and Father
I thought that love was everywhere to be received
But Christ he tells me he loves me,
He brought me out of my misery
I was getting deeper and deeper
But he made my sorrow my history

So you can't sit there and tell me
There's no way out of your circumstance
Cos I've seen further and deeper
than I could ever have done myself.
He'll never leave you out I'm sure you'll never go without
Please don't believe me just believe the one I'm talking about
He'll never hurt or deceive you
It's like you're walking on air.

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