Bashana Haba'a Lyrics

Bashana haba'ah neshev al hamirpeset

Venispor tziporim nodedot

Yeladim bechufsha yesachaku tofeset

Bein habayit ulvein hasadot

Od tireh od tireh

Kama tov yiheyeh

Bashana bashana haba'ah (2x)

Anavim adumim yavshilu ad ha'erev

Veyugshu tzonenim lashulchan

Veruchot redumim yisu el eim haderech

Itonim yeshanim ve'anan

Od tireh od tireh...

Bashana haba'ah

Nifros kapot yadayim

Mul ha'or hanigar halavan

Anafa levana

Tifros be'or k'nafayim

Vehashemesh tizrach betochan

Od tireh od tireh...
Next year we will sit on the porch

And count all the birds

Children on vacation will play catch

Between the house in the fields

You will see how good it will be

Next year

Red grapes will ripen by evening

And be served cold to the table

Pleasant breezes will blow on to the roads

Old newspapers and clouds

Next year we will spread out our open hands

Into the bright white light

A white branch will spread force in light its wings

And the sun will rise in their midst

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