Kottonmouth Kings Drunk With Power Lyrics

Aye yo, D-Double you can call me dash
Dont talk no s___, b____ a__ get slapped,
pants sag, give a f___k like the president
drop a bomb smoke a joint quicker then a gangsta step
talk to me soft bout serve a m____fucka up
turn into the double when I spit
?? Dont no the next line??
f___ a p____, dont make me start callin out names.
Cause I dont really give a f___ about your claims.
Calm down think before you speak.
Put 'em in the state of mind now its plain deep.
Its the D he gots no D,
Stop f___in with me I let the heat pop,
let me in this punk m____fucka while the beat drop.

Pot resistance
persuit of life and liberty
resistance to the enemy
Pot resistance
you'll never get the best of me
Said I'm drunk(?) (?)

Lately daily its kinda crazy
once twice three times a lady
Mary jane-zee she makes me hazy
pigs roll bother dont wanna graze me
it dont faze me cuz rhymes they pay
I sing these songs till my dyin day.
Lay stretched out flat in a cannabis coffin,
So think of the offer when your packin your bong hits
Daddy-x a last two level
h____ white devil, on another level
I roll through with the east side flyin'
change my sirens, politins is lyin.
I keep grindin, (?)politins grindin(?)
In my vaporizer so I'm always vaporizen'


(Johnny Richter)
Remember back in the day when they had probation
now its a plant that'll end you up in prison
whats your posistion on the status today
alcohols good to go, but scoup some weed and I'm way
You get locked up they simpy throw away the keys
Sounds like someones got a grudge, if you ask me
it aint right, whos to say whats what.
Call me wrong if I'm high while your drunk as f**k
I aint givin in now and I wont give in never
Alcohol takes lives, but pot no one dies.
I aint givin in now and I wont give in never.
alcohol takes lives, but pot no one dies.


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