Citizen Fish Conditional Silence Lyrics

considering musical violence.
As the airwaves break those anytime pauses,
quiet reflection on the nature of noises.
Disturbing suburban platitudes.
Heard a yell that created a solitude.
Opened the window wide.
My curiosity satisfied:
it was no one I knew,
so I carried on hiding.
My instinctive reaction to join in the shouting
and increase the volume,
but a voice in my head told me to shut up instead. Return to the previous peace I'd been seeking
for no other reason than to work out a theory
that noise is just sound on a different scale
to what we expect.
So I started to yell out loud.
Soon a curious crowd was
standing outside looking up at my window.
I looked out.
They could see I was no one they knew,
so their instinctive reaction to be part of the noise,
or part of the reason for the silence destroyed,
got hid.
"Nobody does" what I did,
except for the person whose total immersion
in this social excursion was more than diversion.
With a similar yell,
I could tell who he was,
the voice with a noise that I'd heard.
And because of one yell,
had sort of broken the spell.

We laughed and we shouted in the lack of respect
for the conditional silence that has come to connect
all the neighbors as strangers living under the threat
of discovering life beyond
what they expect.
What do you expect from this!

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