Legion Unsensitive Skin Lyrics

Unknown hands are walking
Over my mortal skin
My hands are motionless
But i'm still alive

It seems you ignore me
What am i doing here?
I hear your voices running
Running into my lonely mind

My core burts wherever i see your face
I can't tell you what i'm feeling now
They despise me like a piece of s___
I won't rest lying in this cold place

Surgeons and nurses, I see them every day
Heaning voices, heaning cries, nothing i can say
Thought of impotente invade my existente
Paralised and wasted, lying in a cold bed

I'm here, state of fear
They can't see i'm not dead!
I'm not here, nothing is clear
Shall i be myself again?

A tube inside my throat, I wanna pull out my breath
But a machine it's saving me it World never let me die
Day and night, it's all the same for me
Agony deep inside, your faces all i see

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