Linda Ronstadt Linda Ronstadt - La Charreada Lyrics

Ay... qué rechula es la fiesta
La fiesta charra, fiesta del sol.

Don... de los charros valientes
Dan cos sus cantos la evocaión.

El... jaripeo y su festejo
Que huele a surco y a tradición

Remedo de la faena
Más admirada de mi nación

Bonito es el jaripeo
Y cuánto su animación
Yo quiero montarle a un toro
Pa' que me mire mi amor.

Upale y upa liu
upale y upa liu

A charreada is similar to a rodeo but
has slightly different events more par-
ticular to the style of the Charro, or
gentleman cowboy. It is very colorful
because the men always compete wearing
their elegant Charro suits, the basis of
the mariachi costume. The grand entry
(el jaripeo) features the ladies riding
their beautiful horses sidesaddle. It
also includes the singing of the tra-
ditional rancheras that I love so much.
My sister Suzi used to say that the real
test of a good singer was if he or she
could support a tone on horseback, as
she heard the singers do in the
charreada. She even learned to ride her
horse sidesaddle. If I can get her to
teach me how to do it, maybe I'll be
able to sing sidesaddle in a charreada
one day - a cherished dream of mine.

The Charreada

How very pretty is this fiesta
The charro fiesta, fiesta in the sun

Where the valiant charros
Evoke such feeling with their songs

The festive grand entry
Smacks of tradition and the furrows
of the earth

It resembles the action of the bullfight
So admired in my nation

Pretty is the grand entry and how
great its excitement
I want to ride the bull
So that my love can see me.

upale y upa liu

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