Juliette Schoppmann From Heart to Heart Lyrics

I'm looking for love
I'm taking my chances
And my beating heart won't beat at your stances
It feels like time stop
The moment I rise look
Is this fate or destiny
I wonder is this meant to be?

From heart to heart
Let's talk about your love
From soul to soul
Let's talk about my love
From a man to a woman
Let's talk about emotions
'Cause I can see it in your eyes
You've got something on your mind

I get so high, each time you need me
I feel I could fly on wings of words you send me
You've broken these chains
That tied my heart and bound me
And when you call my name in your special way
Your heart has found me

From heart to heart

I cross my heart and never cope your lie
I've heard these words a thousand times
Disguised as different words and circumstances
And I play the part, but not again this time
I got my feelings on the line
Want you to feel what I'm feeling

From heart to heart

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