Nick Carter Bonus track Scandalicious Lyrics


I entered the party ready to leave

When somebody offered me "s__ On The Beach"

I turned around and got in shock at first

I got a feeling that she must have smelled my thirst

She must be...


Scandalicious, Oh yeah

Caught in a cat suit a package so cute

Scandalicious, Oh yeah

you know that, baby now I want you

Baby I can see you want me too

Hot and scandalicious

Oh, bedtime delicious

There's not any interest in touchin' our hearts

I guess we're just on to every other part

She started playin' tricks with my mind, oh yeah

You knowthis kinda thrill makes me blind, oh yeah

She must be...

CHORUS - repeat

We slowly reach into our minds

We're getting there and nothin's left behind

We're sayin' things without a word

It's so obscured, I'm stuck on this one line

All I wantis to be hers

'Cozshe's so...

CHORUS -repeat

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