Grey_Man_Export Lyrics

in the ruins of the land
withered like an autumn flower
like little automation ants
doomed people of the city
rush from one place to another

there the pale man stands
his still rest, his silent dance
grey man sees the rainbow's end
all the colors above the ground
yet so poor as a color blind

speech vocal:
at the point that seen by noone
in the middle of nowhere
i'm there...
in everywhere with everyone
living in subconcious.
standing on the corner that you never dare to look!

searching, watching,
seeing your ways of self punishment
your methods of self destruct
named as "living the life" by yourselves!


but still with insistence!

grey man sees, grey man feels
with all these things he knew
grey man wonders, he dreams
will all these things make him,
or break him?

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