Ramallah Rammallah Lyrics

The clock is ticking on these terrible times
and human blood is flowing daily like water.

The blood, it never dries...

How long's a man to turn the other cheek
before he rises and returns the slaughter?

Before he rises and spits in your eye...

Where do you run to?
When it's all that you know?

How do you turn your back
(on your world)
on your world?

We laughed and quipped about a revolution,
now it's coming at the point of a gun and a suicide bomb.
This is the end,
beautiful friend.
This is the end,
look's like the party's over.
This is the end,
my only friend.
This is the end unless we change the whole world.

Now what are we gonna do?
You do to me and I do to you.

That's how it's gonna end:
with a whimper.
(with a whimper)


This is the end my friend.

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