Scribe Buddy Lyrics

Fold it over and make a story with that word that reminds them of the benevolent one
Break and bleed and bound and gagged.

Playing in to deformity that pries into the vigilant
Pasteuring, f___ the felony of the filthy nodding foreigners.

That what follows me to try, tells me that the bunnies know right
Clutch the alacrity while the preachers faint in painted white

This is. Penalty. Penury. Painful. Precedent.

Buddy, you would know.
Beautiful and bubbles and smiles and cheese and smiles and sunshine kisses
Teddies and cradles and candy and pink and keds and honey, I love her.
Kisses for you my beautiful one, one with gamma rays sunshine, Mom, I
Everyone say that now I love this to be and mine's so fine and grated.
What the f___, I've been trying to finish and I will try, I haven't finished.
Let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish.

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