Moving on 2 B Lesson 25 Lyrics

That's the way

The road was deserted. There wasn't a vehicle in sight. Once again Sam tried to start his car, but failed. He got out and looked up and down the road. Then he took his road map out from under the seat and studied it carefully.

He realized that he could not walk to the next town before dark bezause it was too far. He decided to stay put and wait for a car or truck to pass by. Once again he tried the engine but it still wouldn't start. He checked the gas, and the gas gauge showed half a tank full. He got out of the car and thougth for a moment, then he opened the hood.

Although he didn't know much about cars, he was soon able to see that a small cable under the radiator had come loose. He tried to connect it back, but he wasn't able to do so. It was too dark to see well. He looked for his flashlight in the trunk of the car. He found it but it didn't work because the batteries were dead. He swore.

Just then he looked up and saw that a car was coming. He stood by the side of the road and waved. The car stopped and a woman got out.

W: What's the problem?
S: I can't get the engine to start; Could you please give me a ride to the next town? I've loked at the map and it's too far to walk. Or maybe you could call Triple A for me?
W: I'll call Triple A for you if you like or give you a lift but I can also have a look at your engine.

The woman took a flashlight out of the glove compartment of her car and went to look at Sam's car engine. Then she returned to her car and got a box of tools out of the trunk.

W: Could you hold the flashlight for me, please?
S: Certainly. I think the problem is that little cable under the radiator.
W: Oh yes, I see it.

She went to work on Sam's car. After a short while she turned the flashlight off and shut the hood. She told Sam that she had fixed the cable and that the car should now work. Sam got into his car and started the engine. Then he got out again. The woman was putting away her tools in the trunk of her car.

S: Thank you ver much!. By the way, are you going far? Can I invite you to dinner to show you my gratitude?


He tried to start the car but he failed to do so.
They tried to stop the thief but were unable to do so.
They tried to rob the bank but weren't able to do so.

He isn't able to come. (He can't come).
I'm not able to go. (I can't go).
They aren't able to fix it. ( They can't fix it).

The flashlight was under the seat?
The bearded man was sitting under the tree.
The car passed under the bridge.

Is it far to Evanston?
No, it's not too far. we should be there in half an hour.
But you said it would only take ten minutes.

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