Winterfell Catacombs Lyrics

Night falls around me, my heart is pounding,
staring into the Golgotha.

Slowly creep into the darkness,
step by step, with sword in hand.
(To) prove my courage to the elders,
to affirm that I'm a man.

How much truth do stories hold
of catacombs where no one goes.
Yet, voices call to me from stone
and urge me into the unknown.

Might I find out who, there, cries out
to me, through me, deep below?

Racing onward, leaving caution
back behind, reason gone.
Hear them now they're all around me,
taunting with their siren song.

I begin to fear this blackness,
tangible, I swim through doubt.
Walls of stone close in around me.
Where am I? I can't get out!

How can this be? All these voices are mine.
Have I been waiting for so long?
Is this the secret I came here to find,
but lost myself along the way?

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