A-Beat Sisters Go Baby Go Lyrics

Hello baby check the sound in the town
Doki doki go go baby 1-2-3-4
Everybody feel the music inside
Waku waku get me started 1-2-3

Let it go
Let it go
We gotta dance it together
We want the best to ride the night
Screamin' louder
Screamin' so higher
Stay together
Ready now or never

Go baby go
Take me away forever
Your love is like a flame
Go baby go
You'll be the one
I'll give you everything, you need it baby
Go baby go
Shake me tonite forever
your love is like a game
Go baby go
You'll be the one
With all my love woa! woa! woa!

Come on baby keep the music tonight
Doki doki baby give me 1-2-3-4
Shake me baby shake and move it again
Waku waku go go move it 1-2-3

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