Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Back Down To Georgia Lyrics

Been ten long years since the devil laid his fiddle at Johnny's feet,
and it burned inside his mind the way he suffered that defeat,
in the darkest pits of hell the devil hatched an evil plan
To tempt the fiddle player for he's just a mortal man
The sin of pride the devil cried is what will do you in,
"I thought we had this settled I'm the best that's ever been"

Johnny did you ever know that time keeps marching on
The coldest hour is the one comes just before the dawn.
The devil's back in Georgia will you stand up to the test,
Or will you let the devil be the best.

Truth is I haven't played much since the baby came in June,
But give me half a minute and I'll get this fiddle back in tune,
The devil grabbed the golden fiddle out of Johnny's hand and said
Boy I'm a fiddle player underground but now I walk upon the land.

Y'all better just be turning back if y'all want this boy to win cause practice
is the only cure for the predicament he's in
Now devil it would be a sin for you to get my bow
so you go on back to hell and to the woodshed I will go

Johnny are you practicing or will your hands grow cold
the devil wants the land and plays a fiddle made of gold.
Can you hear the babe a cryin' will he ever know
the devil wants his daddy's very soul

Before I play I want to thank you for letting god's own word ring true
he said you can't be trusted "yeah so what you going to do"
Well you get your fiddle devil if you think you can win
Cause I beat you once you old dog and I can whip your b___ again

John Brown's green the devil's red
My little baby loves shortening bread
The devil's dream's that he can win
But Johnny's the best that's ever been

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