Naer Mataron Diastric Fields Of War Lyrics

A man hides, changes names... . and He attacks
Bright, strong:cuts through the dark
In black holes, in distant dimensions He invades
For the dark night, for Unique moments.
The dawn breaks golden, the war gets stronger
I look for You, I ask for You, I scream Your name.
Exetlaios:.Warrior, ancient guard, sign our path
Another Spring the stars promise, an eagle holds the glory
The dance begins, the war proclaim, High destructive flames
A galaxy talks for a tribe
In s___e walks this tribe.
Vachic celebrations,Mainades!!!
The mind of zeus-zagrefs
Exetlaios adored the sign of war
Death bursts and the oracles wake
As the temples take revenge
In a mystic realm, a new generation springs
And from a temple the weapons came in sight
Ancient sorcerer geometers, changes
The Diastric Fields Of War:.

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