4 Backwoods Behind Your Smile Lyrics

I thought you were the one
The one that I was searching for
But now I realize
You´re not the same you were before
Friendship is a strange thing for you
To flee was the worst you could do

You´re just a friend for today
You never showed me the way
I don´t believe what you say
´Cause in my eyes you´re a fake
I know there was a time
When nothing hurt my faith in you
Before you closed your mind
I was the engine you the fuel
Your face seems so changed to me
But now it´s just too late to see

But tell me what do you need
Tell me what do you feel
I don´t understand what you did
It´s hard to learn that this is the truth
Tell me what do you see
Don´t you believe in me
I am so sick of your lies
I didn´t know what is behind your smile

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