4 Backwoods Confession Lyrics

I think you know what I'm feeling
But you can´t change my mind
I want to be like a free man
Who wants to live without ties
You see it is the truth
You feel that I' m a foolish guy
You know I'm not loving you
Come on, just let me go
You shouldn't think I despice you
I love your big blue eyes
This song is all that I can do
Just to make you realize
I know many men like to die for your smile
But in my eyes your just like a little child
Your blue eyes and your beautiful smile is smart
But for me to endure you is really hard
(You´re a girl I just want to have for one night
But I get weak when you clasp my body tight)

I'll never be like the others
I´ll spread my wings and fly
It's not the time for the true love
This is no reason to cry

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