4 Backwoods Stun Minded Guy Lyrics

See my eyes see the free man I want to be
There´s no hope there´s no aim that I tried to reach
I should jump on my feet and run
Just away from this place where I came from
I don´t know what I´ll do till tomorrow
Don´t you know what I´m feeling
I just walk to the place where my heart goes
Live the way I believe in
Look around, don´t you see this reality
Are you sure you can live with your destiny
I wish I could fly and touch the sun
You´re too slow to get the train I´m on
Why do you say that I am a dreamer
And my faith is illusion
There is more than a high wall between us
But your hate´s no solution
I´m not mad but I like the risk
Check it - tomorrow, check it - I´ll break the ties
Check it - forced sorrow, check it - open your eyes
Check it - confusion, check it - just makes you blind
Check it - illusion, check it - will stun your mind
Realize that your speech couldn´t change my mind
All your lies and your doubt wouldn´t make me blind
Don´t tell me what I have to be
You don´t know anything ´bout what I see

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