Ligion Get Over Me Lyrics

No, no I don't want to make up
You were the one to break up
You closed the book on you and me
Yeah, yeah you can say you're sorry
And show me how much you want me
So get right down on your knees and beg
But I'm begging for you to leave me alone

Everywhere I go I feel you right behind me
Creepin' round my door
You always seem to find me
Can't you realize that I am finally over you?
Get over me

Home is different now that you're gone
I'm better since I moved on
It took a while but I'm okay
Stop, stop staring through my window
You left but I won't follow
You'd think by now you'd go away
But I'm begging for you to leave me alone



Get over me!

(Chorus) x2

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