Vile Devour Lyrics

The squadron leader makes the call
Hunt down this bastion of verminous scum
Show no mercy take no prisoners
Negotiations are now over

Take a boot to your chest
A knife to your throat confess

Give away locations, motives
Cooperate or die

There comes a time when military might must be unconfined
No holds barred no hands tied its time to do or die

Eradicate, expunge erase
Demolish, blot out, decimate
Neutralize the opposition
Everyone must die

Smash, butcher overthrow
Exicute the worthless foes
Turn to ashes everything
The infidels are here!

Nullify, obliterate
Extinguish, finish off their fate
The holy lands become a crater
In the blackened earth

The cradle of civilization
The cradle of life

"I think it was rather ironic that he
was in a hole in the ground across
the river from these great palaces
that he has built, where he robbed
all the money from the Iraqi people," -
Major General Odierno

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