Kinfolk Kia Shine ft. Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Slim Thug, E-40, Young Buck, Remy Ma & LL Cool J So Krispy Lyrics

[Intro: Kinfolk]
Here is the true story I got to tell
About this rapper Kia Shine who be fresh as hell
He wear the krispiest clothes and the krispiest kicks (showtime)
And he 'bout to hurt the game with a krispy remix!

[Swizz Beatz]
Whip it on em, lemme see you whip it on em
Ay, whip it on em, lemme see you whip it on em
Ay, hit the floor, lemme see you hit the floor
Krispy, hit the floor, lemme see you hit the floor
(Showtime! )
Whip it on em, lemme see you whip it on em
Ay, whip it on em, lemme see you whip it on em (come on)
Ay, hit the floor, lemme see you hit the floor
Krispy, hit the floor, lemme see you hit the floor

[Verse 1: Swizz Beatz]
Krispy, is what I am
You see the glass thing that's on my hand (urghhh!)
You can catch me if you can
Cuz in the hood they call me Swizzy Bread Man (Swizzy!)
I got the black on black
They couldn't believe that I came in that
They couldn't believe how the seats went back
I got my tank top on, and my bucket hat
I told her,
Say my name, say my say my say my name (Swizz! Yep!)
Say my name, say my say my say my name (Yep! Showtime!)
You see the chain, match the g______ frames
I came to mingle when I'm krispy as a pringle

I'm so krispy, I'm so krispy
My jeans nine hundred, shoes 850
(This is the remix!)
I'm so kripsy, I'm so krispy
Become to being fly, you can't get with me

[Verse 2: Kinfolk]
I party like a rockstar
Pray like a preacher
Dress like a player
In the hundred dollars sneakers
Whoa my traffic jams in LA was like wow!
So fresh on BET, Boosie had to wipe me down
Kinfolk Kia Shine that's my name and
I can go the whole song, talkin bout my name brands
Heard some haters say I was a one hit wonder,
Independant gettin' money for the last six summers (hater!)
(Who's Kia Shine girl he sound superfly)
You ain't got MTV, whut you mean who am I?
I'ma do I-phone numbers, "Due Seasons" about to kill me
And my release gon' be bigger than 'Pac and Paris Hilton


[Verse 3: Jim Jones]
So kripsy (yep) so kripsy
Chain eighty stacks in the car 2-60
Paper like that and the car come from Sicily
Prayin' like that in the broads get frisky (hey ma')
Maybe a menage licky licky
Can't tell her time that you part get 'em dizzy (no)
Yeah I got to have it I just love to spend money (aw! )
Went around laughin like everything funny (ah ah ah)
But it is not a joke (no)
Them yellow diamonds like the middle of a yolk (bling)
Champagne spillin' from the toast
Toast, s___!
I solemnly swear
We gon' gettin' paper every hour of the year!


[Verse 4: Slim Thug]
I'm fresh and krispy clean like Krispy Kreme
Check out my jeans, check out my bling
My footwork mean, I'm the air one king (cool future star)
Whites in your face, (?) still shut down the scene
Busted like a mile, got bags everywhere
Shoes stacked up, yeah I got every pair
I walk up in the stores and it's like I don't care
Give me this, give me that, size 13 yeah
Hit Georgio's, pick up some Crown Holders (?)
I see you clean player but my outfit colder
Your little cuji (?) outfit look a little stale
I just got this fit fresh out the mail


[Verse 5: E-40]
I broke out like a hickey, I'm n____-blocked like a pimp
I fly like a frisbee, I went from funky to krispy
Turnin a heel, shakin it fast, havin my coins, havin my bread
Weather appeals (?), payin my bills, readin my mail, makin my grill (?)
I glow like the moon, yes I'm a tycoon
Took a loss in May, got it back by June
Do it big, I don't do it at all the way I was talkin about
Show up at ?????? and resume, never think smart
When I'm cuttin up tile rubbers, skatin on 26
Or master exhaust with the vertical door chips (?)
I'm a problem, I'm throwed a'ight
I buy Chevrolet, the same color as a to-ma-to


[Verse 6: Young Buck]
If you say krispy, meet me on the dancefloor, yeah
Young Buck, now Kia Shine, let's get little money
(Let me see you hit the floor, hit the floor, hit the floor)
Dough for fresh and my dope boy chevy (?)
No bulletproof vests but the boys stay ready
Meet me at the club, we gon get on that Petrone
Then these haters see what kinda shoes I got on
So krispy, can't miss me, I had money wearin for a mid 50 (?)
Shorty shop with me, Mr. Tena K (?)
Just a beat, jump back, Imma give it to you free
I shut down malls and break all laws
Except collect calls from my calls that locked behind bars
We get it for the low but we sell it for the high
Ice out my watch and pimp out my ride


[Verse 7: Remy Ma]
I'm so krispy, so krispy
My lips almost stop and shorty want to kiss me
Call me on my phone, ask me when he come get me
I said I go get him, I got my own whip, see
Pulls up in his hood in the S, spot 50 (?)
I stay fresh but I'm oh so krispy
I know that's your man but he told me that he miss me
So now I'm like candy, yours like fish, see
I'm that b____ B, dripped in diamonds
Hang back into what's that she's drivin
And shoppin's nothin when I'm buyin
And other chicks dyin to be me, a moment of silence

Little remix action
Listen, you are not about to believe what's about to happen next
Ladies and gentleman, LL Cool J
(Cool will be the next future star)

[Verse 8: LL Cool J]
Got ladies on the ice, with charm on the Nikes
Polo on the socks, Ducati on the bike
Roley on the arm, Yellow on the charm (?)
Green in the pocket, Still drinkin Dom
Black on the card, iPhone charged
Queen's in the building, paper is involved
Def Jam's a problem, soon be solved
Leather seats soft, rims real hard (give up)
Prada on the frames, Gucci on the back
Guitar smith jeans, sittin so jack (?)
Style's versatile, my flow is varyin
Rockin in karats, not a vegetarian
Mr. Smith, oh so krisp
That's a fan club, that ain't a top ten list
I pop big bottles, grant you a wish
This ain't a remix, it's more like a gift

You krispy, yeah
Part 1, part 2 is comin soon so krispy
A'ight, give up

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