The Explorers Club Impact 2 - Fading Fast Lyrics

In just a moment your life can slip away
Wasting tiem by wasting chances
When all that's left here is emptiness and hope
It's always darkest before the dawn will show

So I've got to stay right
Just to see it
I've got to rise up and be much more

There's nothing's new here
My impact fading fast
Why seize the hour if I cannot make it last
The cynics laugh hard and the pundits write away
The music's dying, but its epitaph will say
It's not over yet
Just to see it
I've got to rise up and be

And be so much more
Believe I know it
I've got to be right

There's a light at the end
But a darkness begins
As I take the task at hand
For the glimpse that I see
Is all that I need
Just to try and understand
Why my fate has let it stand
Feel the meaning of power
The meaning of fear
But it's death that's chasing me fast
So who really gives a d___
If I make it at all
I'm just another one that's passed
The pain of a marathon that lasts

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