Knight Owl Hear Come's The Knight Owl Lyrics

Album: The Knighowl
t__le: Here Comes the Knightowl
[Chorus 1]
Here Comes The Knightowl... Knightowl
Bring em all around
Say you wanna battle me
Did you want to get down
They flip when I wanna trip
With my clip
Shootin em down to ground
Everybody knows I gotta gun that'll never miss
Put em in a line bet I make a rhyme
Swing like me fist
I'm ready to blast them rap boys out last em
Todos saves simon that'll I pass em
Vatos crumble and mumble then rumble
Cause I'm droppin my s___ like a fumble
Back with another style on the micrphone
I'ma rip it up, so I think that you better go
Soy mexicano, loco vato, maitone, marijuano
Some say that I'm nuts
They say cause I'm splatterin guts
[Chorus 2]
Oh, oh, Knightowl
[Chorus 1] - [2x]
Smokin, I was in a mind
With a new style that I put the rhyme
When I'm rappin on the microphone
All the fools know what time
It's is, diggin up a grave, foo, nedzales
I'm packin up, think, boy your rap stink
Cause they wanna battle but the man will sink
Headbutt em, I gut em, the b____es I nut em
A knife in the pansa, The Knightowl will cut em
To those actin bad like a nose I'ma pick em
Blast em and after they die I'ma kick em
Put em on the ground
Hit em with a sound, that is gonna rock you
Incase you don't like a jam that'll I make, vato well f___ you
The man, is back, attackin to those that are steppin
The Knightowl is packin a weapon
[Chorus 2] - [2x]
[Chorus] - [2x]
Gotta em on the

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