julian Thomas Poetry Lyrics

Have you ever had a moment
you couldn't tell the girl you love
What she means to you?
Gotta lot of feelings that don't match any word
Because no word will do, you can't think of anything new

Like the candle and the flame
Like the picture and the frame
Like the sun and like the moon
We stick together
Like the flower and the bee
Like the leaf and like the tree
Like the echo and the voice
A match forever

I really wanna show you, but in the history of love
It's all been said and done
I wanna be original, but so far it's impossible
'Cause I believe all the words are wrong,
I just got this silly song

Repeat chorus

Tadada, tadadadaa
Tadadada tadadada

From the moment that I wake up untill I go back to bed
I look for words to say
If only I'd let it go and just use whatever I know
Say something anyway.
Anything, anyway.

Repeat chorus

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