Mr Vegas Jacket Lyrics

Caw some gal a raffle up an a dip
Me dem wah fi gi di jacket
But mi nah go mine no pickney
If me know a nuh me mek it
Drop back dat an mek another pick
Smaddie else dat might a fit
Caw da pickney deh not even have
As much as mi finger tip
Verse 1:
So gal from yuh know say yuh know your pickney daddy
Gal jump around inna di air mek mi see
Nah fi a guess if a me or Beenie
Nah fi a guess if a General Degree
Two n____ cyan bring Coolie pickney
Holla bout she wah registration fee
Karen a say Blacks a har pickney daddy
But da pickney deh really favor Bounty


Verse 2:
Some gal really a sell dem self cheap
Gone breed again an fuss pickney nah creep
From dis morning di pickney don't eat
An she an another man gone dung di street
But from yuh know say nuh man cyan call yuh tzar
An man cyan trick yuh inna borrow car


Verse 3:
Nah lef yuh man unnuh a come from far
An a him alone can dip inna yuh jar
If yuh even breed yuh know whofah name fi call
Bun dem fi see yuh an yuh man walk di mall
Him nah kick yuh up and dung like nuh football
Di mount a name some haffi raffle mi cyan recall.

Chorus 2x

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