LilJon Petey Pablo Freak-A-Leak Lyrics

Petey Pablo]
Let's take some calls from the request line.
Caller number one....

[Caller (Dominick)]
Ay, up.
This Dominick from Shady n low Trailer Park.

[Pety Pablo]
Whats up Dominick.

[Caller (Dominick)]
I wanna hear that song from Lil' Jon and Pety Pablo.

[Petey Pablo]
Aight, I got that coming right up for you.
Now shoutout the radio station that gave you what you wanted.

[Caller (Dominick)]
Double-U Boom Boom Beat baby!

[Intro to song]
(How you like it daddy?)
Would you do it from the front?
(How you like it daddy?)
Whould you do it from the back?
(How you like it daddy?)
Baby bring it down like that!
(How you like it daddy?)
(How you like it daddy?)
Would you do it from the front?
(How you like it daddy?)
Would you lick it from the back?
(How do you like it daddy?)
Baby bring it down like that!

[Verse #1]
24, 34, 46 (6) good and thick, and once you get it she'll work wit it
(work wit it)
Pretty face and some cute lips, (cute lips) earing in her tounge and she know what she do wit it. (do wit it)
Make a name for herself, and she do her s___ well, and know how to keep her business to herself. (she keep her business to her self)
Come over any time a n____ call, s___ 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, (ding dong) and she right there. (right there)
And she know why she came here (she know why she came here) and she know where her clothes suppose to be(off and over there)
Sniff a lil c__e,(c__e) take a lil x,(x) smoke a lil weed,(weed) drink a lil bit
I need a girl I can freak with,(freak wit)
and wanna try s___ (try s___) and ain't scared of a big d___ (of a big d___)
And love to get her p____ licked,
by another b____, cuz I ain't drunk enough ta do dat.

(How you like it daddy?)Shamika
(How you like it daddy?)Zahra
(How you like it daddy?)Sabrina
(How you like it daddy?)Daronda
(How you like it daddy?)Felicia
(How you like it daddy?)Shavon
(How you like it daddy?)Monique
(How you like it daddy?)Yolanda

[Verse #2]
I need ta know a whole lot that can teach a broad,(that can teach a broad) with my ding dong make her tounge tickin dat bong (tickin tha bong)
Go on ahead so I don't have ta do that for her, I'm spoiled (and I don't like ta work dat hard)
I like to lay back, relax, and enjoy my turn, and let your eyes roll back and my toes curl.
(I love when you do dat girl) Till it come time fo me ta have ta give her hers.(give her hers)
Tell me what you want, do you want it missionary wit yo feet cramed to the head board?
Do you want it from da back put yo face in the pillow so you can yell as loud as you want to
Do you want it on the floor? Do you want it on the chair?
Do you want it over here? Do you want it over there?
Do you want it in ya p____? Do you want it in ya a__?
I can give anything you can handle!


[Intro to song (again)]

[Caller (Dominick)]
Yeah, I appreciate it lil' homeboy.

[Petey Pablo]
Not a problem man,You know I do it because I love you.
Now I got to give a shoutout to Seagrams Gin cuz I drink it, and they payin' me fo it.

[Chorus 2x]

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