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Dear Mallika
I've been missing you in my soul
Haven't seen you in what seems like centuries
I'm so cold
And although I know you're safe in paradise
Still I cant help but worry
For your safety I pay any price
I'm sorry I didn't recognize your fathers struggle
But its hard to be understanding with the amounts of task I juggle
When I think of paradise
And the natural spring flowing
I get jealous of your father
Fearing your love for him might be growing

**Dôme épais, le jasmin a la rose s´a__emble
Rive en fleurs, frais matin, nous appellent ensemble
Sous le dôme épais, oû le blanc jasmin a la rose s´a__emble
Sur la rive en fleurs, riant au matin
Viens, descendous ensemble**

Dear Mallika
When I held you in my arms
Your skin was like a rose slightly caressed by the sun
I chose you before anyone
Walked through the garden barefoot
Tasting mangoes in the forest
My feelings cant be captured by an artist
It was beautiful in every heavenly way imagined
You're my hero
For you Id slay any dragon
Dig tunnels to the depths of my own weakness
I miss all your grandeur your splendor your sweetness
Your eloquence fine raiment's sensitivity
In a land of thousand paradises
You're the epitome
And I'm missing you
For love intensifies from yearmin
I have a smoke filled aura
For my insides are burning
My love is in your shadows
My prayers are always near
And although I live oppressed Mallika
I have no fear
For I know that destiny will cause our paths to cross
And I shall process once more
The love I almost lost
Yes, yes


Dear Mallika, sweet Mallika
As for me sweet Mallika, my country's in upheaval
Menus hearts have darkened
Seduced by silent evil
They oppress me for colour, class, even religion
Vacuums filled with narcissism sucking up the living
Colonial mentality
Conquerors of peaceful tribes
I suffocate and grow weary trying to stand in the tide
But just knowing that one day Ill have Mallika by my side
Helps me live on through the storm
And pull the thorns from my side


Dear Mallika
Sweet sweet sweet sweet Mallika
For an eternity, I shall love you eternally
Wherever you go, my heart goes with you
Ill always love you
We will always be one

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