Quiet Riot The Joker Lyrics

I am the joker in the pack
Fun to be around
Bring you luck, full of love
When the chips are down
It ain't no use, now
Play the game
Man, I'm not your king
Cause when there's a joker
In your hand
This card can't be beat, oh no

Don't you know I'm the coolest
This joker's wild
And you know I'm fun, I'm the joker
Everybody everywhere's talking about me

Oh, 5 card stud in a loaded deck
With one card up my sleeve
That one-eyed jack is lookin' back
This joker takes his queen
Aces high, the deuce is down
The joker's having fun
You see, win or lose
I'm the face card, dude
I'm the talk of the town
That's right

Hey the face card's cool
The king is mean
And what do you know
That queen she's kind of s__y
So we'll play it right
Hit this hole in one
You and me in the back of the taxi

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