Lefty Frizzell I'm an Old, Old Man (Tryin' to Live While I Can) Lyrics

Said a old man to a good looking girl
I've been around this big wide world
That home on the hill,honey, that's mine
I got the money,got lots of time

I'm not too old to cut the mustard anymore
I can still get around like I did before
Come along we me, my sweet, sweet hon'
I'm an old, old man searching for fun

(I N S T R U M E N T A L )

What I can do now, most young men can't
There's not a town that this ole boy can't paint
I can make all the clubs just any old night
I'm a little bit older but I'm doing all right

(I N S T R U M E N T A L )

Don't take me wrong, I just want to have fun
Have someone along to help spend my mon'
You don't live but once, so please understand
I'm an old, old man tryin' to live while I can

(I N S T R U M E N T A L )

I've got money to spend, a new car to drive
I won't give in, we'll have fun, man alive
We'll honky tonk all night long
I'm just an old old man,don't want to go home

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