Jimmy Buffett Mexico Mexico Lyrics

Way down here
Ou need a reason to move
Feel a fool
Running your stateside games
Lose your load
Leave your mind behind
Baby, james

Oooh, mexico
It sounds so simple
I just got to go
The suns so hot
I forgot to go home
I guess Ill have to go now

Americanos got the sleepy eyes
But his bodys still shakin like a live wire
Senorita with her eyes on fire
Dont you know

Oooh, mexico
It sounds so sweet
With the sun sinkin low
The moons so bright
Likes to light up the night
Make everything alright.

Babys hungry and the moneys all gone
The folks back home
Dont want to talk on the phone
She gets a long letter
And sends back a postcard
Times are hard.

Ooohh, down in mexico
Ive never really been
So I dont really know
Oooooh, mexico
I guess Ill have to go now.

Oooh, mexico
Ive never really been
But, Id sure like to go
Whoa, oooh mexico
I guess Ill have to go now.

Talkin bout mexico (mexico)
Little honkeytonk out in mexico (mexico)
South of margaritaville
Ive been told

(? )undele, undele, vaminos
Ahh, yeah, lets load this cast of characters
On that boat and head south
Ahh, yeah we got a wind at our back
Smooth sailin all the way
We got old nordstrom, hes our chef
Hes down in that galley cookin up a
Barometer soup for us
We gotta stop at our offshore bank of bad habits
And make a deposit or a withdrawl
I dont know which one, yknow
Were goin down to the land of the mayans
Eah, they were here long before the cavemen were
Cavemen in blue jeans
Uhh, excuse me, thats not politically correct
Thats cavepersons in blue jeans
Skip wiley and skink, we may run into them
Up to no good down there
Watch out for those barefoot children
Stompin around in those puddles
Ahh, yeah, and that remittance man
Hes just goin round and round
He may run into ol frank bama
Cruisin around in the hemisphere dancer
I dont know, I might have my long board down there...

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