Icp she ain't afraid Lyrics

Monoxide Child]
Let's get high and just f___.
I hit ya till ya bleed.
And we can just blame it on the weed.
Little freak.
Sucking me off makin my knees weak.
Rubbin my nuts when I c__ makin my face tweak.
She makes me feel like a champion.
Late night when I call she knows what happenin.
I got a box of condoms and a mind full of tricks.
I freak just for f___in and my b____ and my d___ get started.
Legs parted.
I hit it so hard the p____ farted.
And now it's time to departed.
She took the rubber off and stuck it in her mouth.
It felt like I came from down south.
Know about it.
p____ pleasin's just a part of the game.
Ya gotta bang it till the b____ right off.
I do the same.
Rub my d___ in cocaine.
And freak some nasty s___.
It aint the same without the flame bring the flavor bit.
Two or one's not a problem.
So you can bring your girl.
And I can get the best of both worlds.
f___ it till I hurl.
Toes fell off.
f___ a girl.
She kept nibblin my nuts like a squirrel.
I hit the weed and flick the ash on her back.
f___in her friend in the face until her jaw snap.
Oh s___!
I can see her suckin on her t__s.
And I can't help but notice four fingers in her c___.
She's a pro.
I thought I saw her p____ glow.
It coulda been the sweat in my eyes.
I don't know.
For sure this freaks the s___.
For lovin' d___ is sick.
But man I love that fat b____.

[Chorus 2x]
She ain't afraid to admit she likes d___.
And she ain't afraid to admit she likes her p____ licked.
She ain't afraid to let me f___ her in the a__.
And always got her mouth open for the c__ splash.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Excuse me lady.
Did ya say ya like to f___?
Drop my drawers to my ankles.
Give my d___ a suck.
You like it rough.
I can feel my s___ swellin and expandin.
A one way trip down south.
The crash landin.
Right in your pink fun.
I get the job done.
Daddy was a pistol and I'm a son-of-a-gun.
As I shoot my load on your chest and t__ties.
Gotta get my s___.
We off to the next city.
Go a long way just so I can grind ya.
Got enough d___ for Ms. McCoffey and the 50 singles hoes behind her.
A sidewinder.
Never liked the old time of keepin hoes properly worked like Jane
My anaconda got a mushroom cap and an immense cravin for your p____
Keep ya movin like that.
My d___ gets hard as steel.
And I'ma freak that a__ with some more s__ appeal.
Tell me how ya feel when I push it all in.
Eyes roll in the back of ya head.
And ya start to grin.
If s__ was sin then a wicked b____ ya be.
With creepy a__ t__ties and a hairy a__ p____.
So ride my broomstick until ya hear me c__.
And school me on the methods of ya pink fun.

[Chorus 2x]

[s___gy 2 Dope]
Know what I'm sayin?
Yo, this be the s___gy.
Down with the Psychopathic Family.
Down with Twiztid, G.
Know what I'm sayin.
Yo, check it out.
I don't give a f___.
I like to get skins.
I don't know about you mu f___as.
But yo, I like em big.
I don't give a f___ what.
I like em skinny, bald, r_____ed, crippled, spines on the back.
I don't give no f___.
800 pound b____ come here sweety.
I'ma f___in' tie ya s___ in a knot and tap that s___.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
Cause I love me some skins.
I ain't goin' lyin' around.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
I eat a f___in' 900 pound b____'s neden from the back.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
Wrap her legs backwards into a boston crab and go to work.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
f___ that s___.
I ain't no f___in' f__ like that.
I like them stubbly so there whiskers tickle my b____ when they suck
my d___.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
I don't give a f___.
Bring it on

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