Jackie Wilson (I Can Feel Those Vibrations) This Love Is Real Lyrics

(I can feel those vibrations)

Baby, I think I love
I can feel the vibrations
And we've only had one
Small wee conversation

Now listen
And I want to jump and shout it
Want to tell the whole world about it
I don't even ???????
This love is real
This love is real
And this love is real

Huh, wherever we walk
With love we can do magic
When things go wrong
We'll always understanding

But come on
Let's start to makin' plans
To meet with that preacher man
'Cause I don't even ??????
If this love is real
This love is real
This love is real

(I can feel those vibrations)

Girl, oh please don't care
What my friends say about you
'Cause we got love
And I'm so glad I found you
And ohhh what you feel inside
Oh, that just cannot be denied
'Cause deep in our heart it's real
This love is real
Oh lord, this love is real
This is the real thing
This love is real
Ooohh, this love is real


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