North Better Off Without You Lyrics

Time and Time you left me
Everytime I came back
Even though the harder we try
We'd never end up on track
I could have stuck beside you
Though I want you to see
I know it wasn't meantto be

Could have done it my way
But I felt like a fool
Couldn't find a way to back down
Couldn't ever break all your rules
Believe me when I tell you
I'm happy to say
Wouldn't have it say any other way

Cause I'm better off without you
Now I know for sure
Could have done it all without you
You never thought I saw
All the little things you did to hurt me
Never thought I'd get to say
I'm better off without you
I'm better off without you anyways

Always had the answer
Always had the last word
Always had to be the redeemer
You'd never wait to be heard
And still I stood before you
Don't miss it at all
Couldn't wait to see me when I'd fall


Waited to hear the words you never really said
Though I can still recall the things you said to me instead
Wanted to run away and sort our troubles out
But it wouldn't make differences cause I'm better off without you


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